LSP Services

FSE has provided emergency response services for over twelve MBTA facilities including multiple bus garages, bus yards, roadway spills, and a power plant. The incidents requiring response include ruptured hydraulic lines, punctured fuel tanks, leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), and failed UST tightness testing. For each site, remediation activities were conducted to bring the sites into compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Project Years: 2004

FS Engineers conducted a site assessment and oversaw remedial activities at the location for the proposed ISB Cultural Center. The 1.7 acre abandoned city owned parcel was comprised of previously demolished buildings and abandoned heating oil tanks. FSE completed a subsurface investigation which included the advancement of soil borings and soil sampling analysis.

The subject site is an approximately 180-acre public park in eastern Massachusetts that is host to numerous year-round indoor and outdoor activities. About 30 acres are actively used for various sports and recreation, while the majority of the remaining 150 acres is maintained as undeveloped wooded land. The projects carried out for the site included the design and construction of a sewer extension and pump station, environmental site assessment and remediation, and preparation of a maintenance plan.

FSE has conducted over 150 Environmental Site Assessments for commercial properties in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practices for “Environmental Site Assessments” and “Limited Environmental Due Diligence” (Designation: E 1527-05 and E 1528-06).